Oncology Commercial Services (OCS) is a team of industry, scientific, IT and medical professionals that specialise in providing deep market intelligence, analysis and recommendations with follow up business development and digital medical/scientific marketing.

  • OCS provides deep primary market intelligence by speaking to both the industry &/or the medical community, including KOLs.
  • Analysis and recommendations, from the MI data, to support business decision making.
  • OCS offers investment due diligence services.
  • In-depth landscape and competitor research.
  • Advice on regulatory processes, procedure and politics.
  • Research and advise on regional pricing and reimbursement.
  • Support in the creation of business/marketing/sales planning.
  • OCS has a wide range of consultants so can provide expertise on a wide range of oncology subjects.
  • OCS provides a full webinar service using enterprise-level software and is full GDPR/HIPAA compliant.
  • OCS can undertake and manage CME webinars and provide bespoke online registrations forms.
  • OCS can arrange oncologists (hematological malignancies and solid tumors) as speakers and panel members.
  • OCS convert the webinar into a video for post-event viewing.
  • OCS is a brand of Nagel and Partners Ltd and has been trading for eight years. OCS has grown its global oncology database/network to over 35,000 oncology professionals (medical & industry) and continues to grow every day.
  • OCS is connected and has worked with major oncology companies and cancer institutes.

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