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Help Centre

OCS is a division of MEMP Ltd which is an accredited international CPD/CME provider of online education for Healthcare Professionals. MEMP Ltd are accredited and regulated by the UK-based CPD Standards Office.


CME = Continuing Medical Education

CPD = Continuing Professional Development

CPD Standards Office = The CPD Standards Office is part of the Professional Development Consortium. (UK organization – CME/CPD recognized globally).

Which medical education activities are accredited?

If an online medical education activity is accredited – details of the accrediting organisation are listed, along with the number of CME/CPD points associated with the online activity.

How do I obtain my certificate?

Live: Webinars, Conferences, and Masterclasses

If you have attended one of our live medical education sessions, then:

  1. After you have attended the full session, you will need to complete the CME/CPD Evaluation Form.
  2. Once you have completed the Evaluation Form, we will calculate your CME/CPD credit based upon the length of your attendance during the CME session. We will then email your certificate.
  3. Once you have received your certificate, you will need to keep it for your records.
  4. Please refer to your country’s guidelines on how you need to record and apply your points/hours towards your country’s medical license requirements.

Our Live webinars and Masterclasses are conducted through the software GoToWebinar.

How do I register for the webinar?

  1. To register for a webinar or masterclass, view our Latest Online CME, and view the online event you wish to attend. Click on Click To Register and then complete your details.
  2. You will be sent an email with the joining details, including a link for the webinar.
  3. On the day/time of the webinar, click on the link of the webinar to attend.

I can't log into the session?

If you are having difficulties logging into the webinar session, please click here to visit the GoToWebinar Troubleshooting support page.

I can't hear the sound on the webinar?

If you can’t hear the audio on the webinar, please click here for GoToWebinar’s Audio Troubleshooting support page 

How can I obtain my CME points?

If the webinar or masterclass is CME/CPD accredited, then it will be clearly highlighted on the webinar/masterclass information page.

After attending the webinar/masterclass, you will be sent a link to a unique Evaluation Form that you need to complete within 72 hours of attending the webinar to apply for receiving your CME/CPD  certificate.

After we have received your Evaluation Form, then it will take us approximately 5 working days to process your certificate, which we will email to you (using the name and address you supplied us on the Registration and Evaluation Form).

Please keep this certificate for your records.

Please refer to your country’s guidelines on how you need to record and apply your credits towards your country’s medical license requirements.