Dr.Crohns, MD, PhD, is an esteemed and top performing C-suite pharmaceutical professional celebrated for her extraordinary blend of medical expertise and extensive commercial acumen. With a remarkable track record of multiple successful global product launches, she showcases a profound understanding of pharmaceutical intricacies and a remarkable talent for navigating complex market access challenges. Dr. Crohns holds a multitude of impressive credentials, including an MD, PhD, and Board Certification in Oncology and Radiotherapy. Her extensive academic and professional journey spans over three decades, with 10 years dedicated to academia and 20 years in international Medical Affairs and Commercial roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Notably, Dr. Crohns completed Marketing College training and pursued MBA studies in the UK, adding an invaluable business dimension to her medical background. Her career includes 12 years at the global headquarters of Sanofi in Paris, where she held several pivotal global roles. In her most recent position at Sanofi as the VP, Global Medical Head for Oncology, Hematology and Transplant, Dr. Crohns oversaw an extensive portfolio of oncology, and hematology products, as well as multiple transplant offerings covering hematology and solid organ transplantation. Her responsibilities included leading a substantial organization of Medical Affairs staff across the world. Dr. Crohns´s industry influence extends to her active involvement in prestigious organizations such as ASCO, ESMO, SFRR Europe. Dr. Crohns is also the CMO of ‘Fight Cancer Global’ which is a a global organization dedicated to creating patient- centric solutions which unite all players to end the isolation for all patients globally