Medical Engagement

What type of Online Oncology CME do you want to run?

Engage with the oncology community. The Oncology Commercial Services team runs four different types of CME sessions for sponsoring companies.

  1. CME Webinars.
  2. CME Panel Discussions.
  3. CME KOL Masterclasses.
  4. CME Virtual Tumour Board.
MEMP CPD Certificate

OCS is an accredited international CPD/CME provider of online education for Healthcare Professionals and are accredited and regulated by the UK-based CPDSO.

OCS have a deep network of KOL speakers in both solid and haematological tumour types and have a global network of oncology over 35,000 HCPs to invite to meetings.

  • The best most accessible method to access oncologists.
  • Invites can be by country and type of oncologist.
  • Covid free, so no legal issues.
  • No-one has to wear masks.
  • Up to 1,000 doctors can attend per session.
  • Multiple countries can attend at once.
  • Full digitally auditable so no doctors can cheat.
  • Full analytics of attendees, time joined, and left.
  • Full list of all the doctor’s names, positions, and hospital/clinic.
  • CME certificates produced and managed digitally. need/want.