Oncology Commercial Services Team


Mr Nathan Nagel is a serial entrepreneur with 21 years’ experience on the commercial side of medicine. He has led OCS for the last eight years and provided big pharma, big med-tech and big-software PLCs with oncology support services. His executive experience includes CEO at Middle East Medical Portal Ltd, CEO at Gamlen Tableting Ltd, Board Adviser at the Mayfair Biohub Ltd, Interim Managing Director of the US liver disease CRO Sanyal Bio LLC, interim CEO of the neuroscience biotechnology company Neuro-Bio Ltd and CEO of the market research company Oncology Pharma Ltd. In parallel to leading Oncology Pharma Ltd Nathan was managing partner of LifeScience Ventures Ltd, a UK consulting company. Prior to leading companies, Nathan worked for Bayer Diagnostics and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where he started his career.


25+ years of industry experience in big pharma (GSK, Roche) and SME biotechs (Proteome Sciences, Global Gene Corp, Trajecture) with an excellent working network of C-level decision-makers. Deep oncology clinical trial expertise – Clinical biomarker and experimental medicine leader for Roche’s Herceptin Phase 3 registration trial (ToGA study) for gastric cancer, 2006-2011. Deep oncology discovery research and drug development – Head of Translational Medicine at Global Gene Corp developing novel drug for prostate cancer, 2017. Deep expertise in Precision Medicines, companion diagnostics and biomarker technologies in multiple therapeutic areas – Global Head of Personalized Medicine at Proteome Sciences, 2013-2016. Published book chapter, November 2019 – ‘Clinical Strategies for Developing Next-Generation Cancer Precision Medicines’. Visiting professor at the University of Surrey, teaching MSc module in ‘Pharmaceutical Medicine’, 2015. CheeGee is a visionary strategist who is passionate about translating medical knowledge into transformative treatment options and creating strong and sustainable commercial value.


Senior Clinical Oncologist to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond Street. Dr P N Plowman qualified from Cambridge University with a double first in medical sciences and natural sciences and has been a consultant oncologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in London for thirty years. His research work has led to the introduction of aromatase inhibitors into breast cancer management and glucocorticoids into advanced prostate cancer management, thereby making significant advantages and changes in best standard care to these two common important cancers. Dr Plowman has forwarded the practice of modern radiotherapy (for example, in children) and will shortly be part of a team introducing Linac-based proton beam radiotherapy into clinical practice. The introduction of lower cost Linacbased proton beam therapy will facilitate more widespread adoption of proton beam radiotherapy and the Linac-based proton system has the capability of performing “Flash” treatments. Dr Plowman has spearheaded focal radiation techniques in this country (Gamma Knife and Cyberknife). Dr Plowman researches and writes on CTCs and EMT. In recent years Dr Plowman has made significant contribution to genomically targeted therapy of cancer and currently advises two genomics companies – including research into liquid biopsy approaches to predictive testing for genome based therapy. His laboratory research into clinical radiosensitivity syndromes has contributed to a test for such hypersensitivity (H2AX assay) and the discovery of two new syndromes (xeroderma pigmentosa Complementation group C mutation and DNA ligase 4 mutation). The manipulation of DNA repair as a therapeutic target in cancer will surely assume greater importance in the future – and PARP inhibitors in BRCA mutant tumours is testimony to this approach. Further investigation of DNA repair will have increasing relevance to cancer therapies.


Prof Graham Ball is Professor of Bioinformatics at Nottingham Trent University. He specialises in the application of innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to the analysis of complex data in the biological, environmental and biomedical domains. He currently holds 3 granted patents and 4 pending patents in this area. For over 30 years, Prof Ball has been a lead figure in the development and validation of bioinformatics algorithms, using Artificial Neural Networks and Machine learning, in health, environmental and biomedical data. He has focussed on applying these approaches to public data repositories leveraging actionable and translational features from the data. He has 190+ journal papers and 7 patents in this area. After a PhD (UN funded) and a Post Doc modelling environmental interactions with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Nottingham Trent University, in 2000 he shifted the focus of his analysis to biomedical data searching for patterns associated with disease. Prof Balls’ current research interests are directed at the analysis, classification and characterisation of biomedical systems using his own novel and innovative solutions based on machine learning. These include pattern identification, diagnostic and prognostic modelling and drug target discovery. Prof Ball has developed innovative computational methods that allow identification of optimised biomarker panels with very high predictive performance from high dimensional molecular data. Prof Ball has developed proprietary approaches for the analysis of data that identify the molecular drivers of phenotype. In one such approach the computational methods were applied to the identification of drivers of proliferation in breast cancer (Abdel-Fatah, Lancet Oncology, 2016) where 2 drivers of proliferation were discovered and validated in over 15000 cases. These markers were also found to predict response to Anthracycline based chemotherapy.

Dr.Domenico Lazzaro, M.D

Dr.Domenico Lazzaro is a M.D. Clinical Pathologist with academic experience. He was Clinical Pathology Director in Histalim CERBA Research from 07/2017 to 05/2020 in Montpellier France he was supervising a Spectral Microscopy Unit for Multiplexing Oncology Biomarkers detection in human tumour samples. CERBA is a multinational private pathology provider active in 40 different countries worldwide. He was Professor of Cancer Ultrastructural Pathology at The University of” Tor Vergata “1984-86 (Rome -Italy) and recently (2011-2013) he was contract professor of immunopathology in the Department of Public Health 4th University of Rome “Foro Italico” (Rome-Italy). Dr. Lazzaro holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine& Molecular Pathology. Dr. Lazzaro established his experience in molecular biology working for almost 4 years (1989-1994) at the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) headquarter Heidelberg, Germany. He spent long years working in the field of Molecular Biology and molecular pathology as part of the Merck Research Laboratories (MRL)/Merck&Co. He was leading a group of molecular pathology for “in vivo”drug efficacy study that was part of the Merck Oncology franchise worldwide for 16 years.(1993-2009). He developed mouse models to test cancer vaccine efficacy for human therapy as well as to test the efficacy of antitumoral small molecules, therapeutic Antibodies and to determine the possible correlation between vaccination and/or small molecule effect on cancer stem cell. He developed Immunohistochemestry (IHC) based Companion diagnostics (Cdx) for cancer targeted therapy- PARP Inhibitor Program MK487 (Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor)- Identifier : NCT00749502.


Charlene is an oncology clinical trials manager. She has spent over 20 years in the Biotech industry as a Clinical Trial Manager for Global studies mostly focused in oncology. She has extensive connections both with the medical and scientific research communities in North-America and has developed many strong working relationships with Key Opinion Leaders. In addition, she is a passionate entrepreneur supporting Startup companies focused on Personalized Medicine technologies


Dr Hina Naveed is a cancer pharmacist.  Her career history includes working at Saifee Hospital as the Hospital Pharmacist, Medistar Medical as Senior Pharmacist and as a Pharmacist in Al-Qemma Pharmacy. She has worked on the commercial side for many SMEs across the UAE and is an accomplished speaker and medical writer. Dr Naveed also writes medical articles, speaks at events, undertakes market research, and medical strategy writing and coordinates round table meetings. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) focused in medicine from Jinnah University.