COVID 19: Patient-side microclot examinations in ICU patients (1 CME Point)

Wednesday 30th November at 3:00 PM CEST

by Professor. Dr. Oliver Hayden

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Professor. Dr. Oliver Hayden

  • Heinz-Nixdorf-Chair of Biomedical Electronics
  • School of Computation, Information and Technology
  • TranslaTUM, Technical University Munich

Oliver Hayden is an interdisciplinary researcher with an industrial and academic career. His past activities span electronics, optics, and materials sciences. He is currently developing platform technologies for clinically-relevant in vitro and in vivo diagnostics.


Introduction to label- and sample prep-free phase imaging flow cytometry as a platform technology for POCT to support acute care patient management and pathology workflows. The clinical use case introduces the potential application of micro-aggregate dynamics to predict the severity of COVID-19

– “Label-free” methods can be useful
– POCT allows to have access to non-logistically stable biomarker
– Early platelet microaggregate biomarker can monitor the severity of COVID-19


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