Metabolomics: Biological computation in insulin release (1 CME Point)

Wednesday 14th December 2022 at 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

by Prof. Dr. Marjan Slak-Rupnik

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Metabolomics: Biological computation in insulin release

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Prof. Dr. Marjan Slak Rupnik

Born 1966 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, BSc 1991, MSc 1994, PhD 1997, assistant professor Pathophysiology, associate professor Physiology 2004 at University of Ljubljana. Independent group leader Max-Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry 2000-2005, full professor of Physiology 2009 University of Maribor. Research visits at St. Andrews, Babraham, Madison, Tokyo. Current position at Medical University of Vienna since 2016. Past and current research funding from Slovenian Research Agency, DFG, FWF, NIH.


  • Brief overview of physiology related to insulin release, function and dysfunction.
  • Recent experimental updates
  • Brief introduction to principles of biological computation.
  • Why do beta cells need to compute before they release insulin?


  • Review the role of beta cells and insulin in the body.
  • Understand the limits of classical approaches to study beta cell function.
  • Advantages of collective beta cell activity.

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