Prehabilitation for Cancer treatments: Case study discussion: 1 CME Point

7pm 4th April 2022

by Dr Tara Rampal MBBS FRCA

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7pm on 4th April


1) Cancer treatment prehab- What and why?
2) Evidence base
3) Digitalisation of Prehabiltation
4) Case Studies
5) Future of Telehealth

Professor Justin Stebbing and Dr Nick Plowman as guest panel members for the Q&A


Dr  Tara Rampal is a Consultant Anaesthetist with a keen interest in Caner, Peri-Operative care and Population Health. She is also a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University. She is the Founder of QUEST PREHAP, a social enterprise that she set-up with the aim to improve healthcare outcomes and improve quality of life for patients in need of major medical intervention. She developed the award-winning Kent and Medway Prehab Project, a pan-county multi organisation collaborative supporting Cancer patients to get fitter through physical and psychological. It is supported by Public Health and Cancer Alliance. She is passionate about the potential of digital tools in changing the healthcare landscape and speaks frequently at events discussing innovation in healthcare.

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