Ranking combination drug therapies to target a patient’s cancer at the genomic level – 0.5 CME

7th February 8pm GMT

by Razelle Kurzrock, MD

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0.5 CME points

20:00 to 20:30 

  • Case study on the clinical ramifications of not matching treatments to a patient.

20:31 to 21:00

  • Dr Nick Plowman interviewing Dr Kurzrock on a software therapeutic decision support tool available to rank combination drug therapies targeting a patient’s cancer at the genomic level regardless of the diagnosed ‘type’ of cancer.

Razelle Kurzrock, MD

A board-certified medical oncologist and a renowned expert in precision medicine, Dr. Kurzrock is known for developing one of the largest and best known Phase I clinical trial programs in the world while at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. She most recently led UCSD’s newly established Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy at the Moores Cancer Center. As a physician-scientist, she has extraordinary expertise, including in the areas of clinical research insights and business operations experience. With over 850 peer-reviewed publications, she is listed as one of the most cited scientists world wide. Dr. Kurzrock is the co-founder of CureMatch and Chief Medical Advisor


Dr. Nick Plowman MA, MD, FRCR, FRCP

Internationally respected Oncologist, Dr. Plowman has been a Consultant Oncologist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in London for thirty-years. His research work has led to advances in medical practice worldwide including the introduction of aromatase inhibitors into breast cancer management and glucocorticoids into advanced prostate cancer management. Dr. Plowman works globally and has deep experience in the UK, EU, USA, and the Middle East. He was trained and qualified at Cambridge University. Dr. Plowman has also advanced the practice of modern radiotherapy, for example, the use in children with cancer. Furthermore, shortly, he will be part of a team introducing Linac-based proton beam radiotherapy into clinical practice.

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