The new paradigm of chronic pain as a neuroinflammatory disease: critical appraisal of experimental and clinical evidence

Wednesday 22nd March 2023

by Romain-Daniel Gosselin, PhD

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Romain-Daniel Gosselin, PhD

Romain-Daniel Gosselin holds a PhD in physiopathology and neuroscience from the University of Paris (France, 2006). He then worked as a post-doctoral fellow in John Cryan’s lab at University College Cork (Ireland, 2007-2009) and as a senior scientist in Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland, 2009-2013) with a focus on glial pathophysiology in models of chronic pain and mood disorders. Since 2013, he has been a researcher and lecturer in biostatistics, experimental design, and good research practices successively as an entrepreneur and (since 2017) as a project manager in the Precision Medicine Unit at Lausanne University Hospital. He is a journal section editor (biostatistics and design), very active reviewer, member of the biostatistics task force of the Swiss 3R Competence Center, and past member of the Swiss reproducibility network.


  • Understand that chronic pain often encompasses a mandatory glial component.
  • Recognize the complexity of the non-neuronal constituent of chronic pain with all its associated potential pharmacological targets.
  • Perceive that the description of a glial role in chronic pain in patients are still emerging compared to established data from animal models.
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