About OCS

Oncology Commercial Services (OCS)

OCS has been successfully operating across multiple regions including the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, India, Singapore and the Middle East. Our skilled and knowledgeable team comprises highly experienced oncology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare commercial professionals.

OCS is owned by Fratrem Group Ltd, which is an internationally accredited/regulated CME provider of online education for  healthcare professionals

In addition to a live database of over 42,000 oncology professionals, OCS has a deep network of KOL speakers in solid and haematological tumour types. Our team can support your organisation with a broad range of oncology market expertise and services.

OCS Services

We provide a wide-range of commercial services for the cancer market, including:

  1. Services for Investors and Companies
  2. Oncology Commercial ServicesClinical development
  3. In/Out Licensing
  4. Product launch
  5. Market intelligence
  6. Advisory boards
  7. Market access and business development
  8. Commercial support 
  9. Oncology Medical Education & Training
  10. Global Liquid Biopsy Academy
  11. Recruitment (industry and clinical)

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