Commercial support

Commercial Support


1. Support the company in identifying and addressing significant barriers inhibiting adoption related to health technology assessment boards, evidence development and management, commercial and public payer policy and coverage, reimbursement submissions, payer relations, and go-to-market commercialisation support, including KOL development

2. Support the company with Policy, Payer, Provider, and Physician stakeholder system/decision-making pathways, identify challenges & opportunities, unveil unmet needs across and derive value proposals.

3. Collaborate with the company Health Economics Outcomes Research department to identify research gaps and develop evidence strategies to support stakeholder adoption.

4. Support the company in working with provider and payer organizations to enable decisions leading to optimised coverage, coding, and reimbursement recommendations.

5. Provide commercial and market intelligence on physician, provider, and payer healthcare economic insights to drive market adoption of companies’ technologies, including engagement with KOLs, key provider stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

6. Support the company, develop centres of Excellence and leverage them as reference sites.

7. Support the company and develop relationships with major healthcare systems professional societies, payers, HTAs, academic researchers, reimbursement committees and policymakers within assigned markets.

8. Support the company with to obtain feedback on clinical and economic challenges being faced by hospital and payer stakeholders and develop strategic recommendations to align value messaging to customer needs

9. Perform segmentation of hospital systems by various dimensions such as hospital type, size, and location, service breadth and digital infrastructure.

10. Collaborate with corporate Hospital Marketing, Clinical Affairs, Regulatory, Legal and Public Affairs teams in the exploration, definition, creation and dissemination of analytics and databased stories for hospital and care team leaders.

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