Dr CheeGee See


  • CheeGee is highly attuned to the necessary interface between academia and industry. He has developed collaborations with academic groups in Canada, Singapore and the UK.
  • CheeGee also established a collaboration with the Oxford Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to work on a specific prostate cancer gene target and extended this work successfully with the European Union Innovative Medicines Initiative (EU-IMI) to discover potential drug compounds using High-Throughput Screening (HTS) with the European Lead Factory (ELF).
  • CheeGee has excellent experience in big pharma, having worked at GlaxoSmithKline for 11 years and Roche for 8 years.
  • Additionally, he has excellent leadership experience in small biotechs and start-ups: Director of Personalised Medicine at Proteome Sciences and Head of Translational Science at Global Gene Corp. CheeGee therefore boasts a wide breadth and range of experience in both big pharmas and smaller biotechs. He understands the different approaches and ways of thinking and what motivates the different strategic directions.
  • CheeGee has been global head of the Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) lab in GSK and the Roche clinical Biomarker and Experimental Medicine Leader in oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurology and immunology clinical studies. His validated industry operational and strategic leadership in preclinical, translational and clinical research in many different therapeutic areas makes him particularly able to provide wise advice and direction in challenging scenarios.
  • As recently as December 2023, he was in the Roche clinical team working on the European Medicines Agency Phase 3 MAA filing package for a gene therapy drug in a rare disease indication.
  • Former roles include: (1) Industry Advisor to this Cambridge-based AI-company that analyses preclinical and clinical datasets from biotech and pharma companies for decision-making. (2) Scientific Advisory Board member for a preclinical company specializing in creating innovative 3-D cancer models for drug testing. (3) Industry Advisor to a company with a novel nanorobot platform for biomarker discovery and diagnostics in cancer and other diseases, (4) NED and ad-interim Head of Biology for this Stevenage-based company focussing on analysing preclinical and clinical datasets from biotech and pharma companies for decision-making.
  • Chee See is a visiting lecturer at University of Surrey MSc course on Pharmaceutical medicine.