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PANEL HOST: Dr Lisa Hutchinson. PhD- Former Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology


45 minutes  – Discussion on the challenges of developing PARP inhibitors.

  • Mechanism of action of PARP inhibitors.
  • DDR discussion.
  • PARP inhibitors and drug resistance.
  • Developing second-generation PARP inhibitors.
  • Biomarkers and developing companion diagnostics (CDx).

10 minutes – Relevant information from the platinum sponsor

45 minutes – Insights into the clinical utility of PARP inhibitors

  • Use in the different tumour types.
  • The timing of use.
  • Patient education and patient-reported experience.
  • The projected future use of PARP inhibitors.


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Panel members for the discussion on the challenges of developing PARP inhibitors:


Dr Tony Williams. MA, MB, BS, FRCP

Dr Williams is an experienced drug developer with experience of large pharma in the areas of early-stage development in oncology. He is an oncologist by training (Cambridge and UCL) and has worked in oncology clinical research for over 20 years, with considerable experience in ovarian, prostate, metastatic breast, and pancreatic cancer with recent experience with PARPi-combinations. He has translational experience of the role of markers, both predictive and prognostic, in the early stage of development to effectively assess PARPi and design phase 3 studies. He is also interested in patient reported outcomes, which has become important in decisions involving dose escalation in early oncology clinical studies.

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Dr Marika Crohns. MD, PhD

Dr. Marika Crohns, MD, PhD, Board Certified in Oncology and Radiotherapy is an academic and scientist with a background in investigating antioxidants, cytokines, DNA damage markers, novel biomarkers and oxidative stress markers in especially lung cancer patients. After 10 years of academic and hospital career, Dr. Crohns worked 20 years for a global top pharmaceutical company where she designed several phase I-IV studies and contributed to countless registration studies for EMA and FDA.In addition, she has created the full clinical development program for several hematology products. Dr. Crohns’s expertise covers all solid and liquid tumors as well as complications of transplantation.


Dr Chee Gee See. PhD

Dr See is a translational medicine leader with over 30 years’ experience in pharma (GSK & Roche), small biotechs and academia. He has extensive industry experience in developing oncology drugs and was the biomarker and experimental medicine leader in the Phase 3 ToGA study when the indication for Herceptin was extended from breast cancer to gastric and esophageal cancer. He is experienced in all clinical and preclinical phases and also led the early development of a prostate cancer drug from target identification to hit identification. He has expertise in shaping clinical biomarker strategies that lead to companion diagnostic development and understanding mechanisms of disease resistance so we can map the optimal next-generation clinical development.

Panel members for the discussion on Insights into the clinical utility of PARP inhibitors:


Professor Justin Stebbing BM BCh MA (Oxon) PhD FRCP FRCPath

Professor Stebbing expertise is in cancer drug development, biomarkers, immunotherapy and translational research. Justin has published over 700 peer-reviewed papers in journals such as the Lancet, New England Journal, Blood, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Internal Medicine. He is an Honorary Professor at Imperial College, London and his work has concentrated on new druggable target discovery. Justin and his team published in Nature Medicine, outlining the groundbreaking discovery of a new cancer-causing gene and his papers include use of circulating biomarkers, gene regulation (non-coding RNA biology in stem cells including the discovery of a new class of RNA). He was appointed the government’s first oncology professor funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). In 2016, Professor Stebbing was internationally recognised with his appointment as co-Editor-in-Chief of Oncogene and election to the American Society for Clinical Investigation.


Dr Nick Plowman. MA, MD, FRCR, FRCP

Dr. Plowman has been a Consultant Oncologist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in London for thirty-years. He is an authority on the optimal management of cancer and leads one of the country’s foremost teams tackling all cancers. His research work has led to advances in medical practice worldwide including the introduction of aromatase inhibitors into breast cancer management and glucocorticoids into advanced prostate cancer management. He also works in targeted anti-cancer treatment and has an interest in the relationship of genetic mutations to predicting response to immunotherapy. In this regard, he has discovered two previously, unrecognized, DNA repair fault diseases. He was trained and qualified at Cambridge University, and works globally with experience in the UK, EU, USA, and the Middle East.




If you would like to attend this free online CME event, please complete our quick registration form so we can send you the link for the live event.